About Conference
Conference “Research People and Actual Tasks on Multidisciplinary Sciences” is the fourth International Conference organized in Bulgaria with basic purpose to create the framework for the presentation, debate and publication of the valuable scientific results obtained by both the young members. Conference organized by the Bulgarian National Society of Agricultural Engineers and Bulgarian National Multidisciplinary scientific network of the professional society for research work with the support of Union of Scientists-Rousse, “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse, National Institute of Research-Development for Machines and Installations Designed to Agriculture and Food Industry, Romania, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat Timişoara, Faculty of Zootechny and Biotechnology, Romania. Society “ECOLOGICA”, Belgrade, Serbia

Aim of Conference
The aim of the Conference is to promote exchange of research results, scientific ideas and their practical implementation and development work in the various disciplines.